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Research Institute of Vegetable Crops

 Konstytucji 3 Maja 1/3
96-100 Skierniewice


phone(+4846) 833-22-11 to 13
(+4846) 833-34-34 - head
fax (+4846) 833-31-86
e-mail: iwarz@inwarz.skierniewice.pl

Research Institute of Vegetable Crops (RIVC) is the main research unit in Poland develop scientific and practical base for production of vegetable crops in the field and under cover as well as mushroom. Institute was established in 1964 on the base of previously existed research unit Department of Vegetable Crops belonging to the Institute of Cultivation, Fertilization and Soil Science in Pulawy (1957-1964). Most of the R & D works carried out at RIVC is related to priority areas of agricultural research defined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developments including: genetic, breeding and biotechnology; technology of vegetable production in open filed, under cover and mushroom growing; plant protection against diseases, pests and weeds; technology of vegetable storage, processing and quality and biological value evaluation. Direction of the Institute is located in Palace, former residence the primate of Poland and afterwards of Russian tsar’s. Palace settlement in Skierniewice belong to historical value place of Polish culture.